Social media campaign raising funds for cancer

In 2019, I was interested in getting my hair shaved to raise funds for cancer, most particularly because we have a family in Briagolong whose grandson has been struggling with childhood leukaemia.

I decided to run a social media campaign to highlight my fundraising efforts.

I designed a Canva page called “Life for Lawson” where I used Photoshop to present a photo of myself with hair and a photo without hair.

I am well-known in my small town so this design, although blocky, did attract attention because I had been growing my hair for so long that the townspeople were interested in seeing me as a bald person. The colours I chose are distinctive and purposeful. Teal is my favourite colour and pink is Lawson’s grandfather’s favourite colour. In fact, Graham wore pink on the day to highlight the cause.

I also set up a GoFundMe page with the same post to make online donations possible.

My hair was shaved at a local Lions Club Family Fun Day. Lawson’s grandfather is a member of the Lions Club and it is a well-attended day deigned for children. I felt these families might relate to the story of Lawson and be more likely to donate.

The day was great fun and, altogether, I raised over $1200 for the cause.