Filming customer case studies for work

Part of my work at Southern Rural Water (SRW) as a Communications and Engagement Advisor is to make short films of our customers.

These films were made to record the benefits of a major modernisation program we implemented using State and Federal government as well as SRW funds.

A critical part of acquitting funds is demonstrating the benefits realised from the project. Statistics and reports are important, but governments and other funding bodies also love to see real people telling stories about how the money has helped them.

I have made several case studies of customers describing how modernisation work effected them and the benefits they are seeing from that work.

I shot all of the ground-level footage and static photos . I recorded the audio on a separate device to cut out wind and other background noise. The drone footage was filmed by a colleague of mine, Matt Stagg, who has a professional drone licence. I then edited the films in Adobe Premier Pro into 2-3 minute mini-documentary which are loaded onto our SRW YouTube channel and linked to the website. They are also used in presentations and workshops to illustrate the benefits of modernisation.

I designed the lead-in footage and slide animations which are consistent for every video in this series. The footage suits our conservative audience, but I would have liked to have the skills to develop a more engaging design that might have increased views.

There are two case studies shown below as examples.