Learning to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro software

This is my first try at editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Although I have used other editing programs and find them easier and more intuitive, at work we use the Creative Cloud suite so I want to build my competence in that.

This is a simple sequence using one audio and three video clips from the premiere Pro tutorial resources. Despite its short duration and simplicity, there were a number of skills I developed while producing this clip:

  • Choosing and importing media
  • Building a sequence
  • Manipulating audio eg turning off the provided audio with the boat ramp clip so I could sustain the original audio as a complete sequence
  • Editing the original audio to a length that worked
  • Editing the first clip, which was too long
  • Changing the speed of the second clip so that the girl’s footsteps follow the timing of the music
  • Slowing the speed of the boat ramp clip so it would play longer
  • Adding transitions and varying their length and style. The first and second transitions are fades into the next clip; the final transition is a slow fade of the video clip as the audio fades. This maintained the gentleness of the sequence by avoiding sudden visual and sound jumps
  • Saving my sequence as a project in a suitable location on the hard drive plus back-up copy on removable hard drive
  • Checking YouTube requirements for uploading video ie .mp4 format was preferred whereas I had produced the sequence in .avi, thinking it was a better quality
  • Converting my sequence from .avi to .mp4
  • Uploading the see to YouTube with a nam and brief description
  • Embedding the YouTube clip into this blog

I think it is easy to underestimate the variety of skills required for making a short video and that is why starting simply and practising often is so essential.