Demolishing my life

My husband John and I bought this house about 11 years ago.


It has a beautiful view across dairy farms to the foothills north of Briagolong.


My husband died tragically at home almost 5 years ago.  I did not at first know if I could continue living in the house in which he had died but found I wanted to stay where John and I had been happy together.

I have now decided to demolish the old home and build a new house for my old age.

This was the state of my poor old house in lateJuly. The Briagolong scavengers did good work and parts of this house will live on in about 15 other homes. The professional demolishers have started their work and will complete soon.


On 14 August 2018 Macalister Earthmoving moved in to finish the demolition.

It was exciting and interesting to watch the house being demolished and even more satisfying to be able to make a video about it using Corel Video Editor.

To visualise my new house, I am using an Apple Product, 3D Home Design


The new house is a lot more energy efficient and comfortable than my old one and none of the power switches will snap at me when I turn them on.

It will not be the house I shared with John but it will be on the block with the view that we loved so well and near our neighbours who were so kind to me after John died.